You might remember hearing the story about a young bear that wandered into Rock Springs, Wyoming in early October. Good news. That bear now has a new home and lots of new animal friends.

Kudos to Sweetwater Now on the find about this story. They documented how a bear in very poor health was found near Rock Springs along with this younger bear. While they believed the bears were not connected originally, it's now believed this cub and his mother were somehow separated. The mama bear had to be euthanized, but her cub now has a new home.

He's now happily being taken care of by Idaho Black Bear Rehab and they've shared additional videos on their Facebook page. His given name is now Sage. It also looks like he is a big fan of apples.

It's nice to see this bear orphan has a happy ending when so many didn't this year thanks to the tragic wildfires.

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