What up people? First of all, I want to start off by stating that Denver is looking go-od!!! What a beautiful win against New Orleans Sunday night. Now, they are at the top of their division. Lookin good for the Orange and Blue, I must say!

Another beat down on the Jets. Fans are starting to chant Te-Bow, Te-Bow, Te-Bow; but Rex Ryan is standing by his starter, Mark Sanchez. We will see how that pans out.

RGIII couldn’t do much against the Steelers, and wow, how about those uniforms…thought I was watching a bunch of cons running around on the field, crazy! I liked the socks, though!

Tee-Roy your Bears barely squeaked one out by Carolina. I was kind of hoping Carolina would win that one, because I feel sorry for Cam Newton. Not to mention it would help the Pack in that division, hehehe!

What are they gonna do in Philly? I’m thinking too much smack talk in the off season has led to this disaster in the regular season, and not getting any better as time goes by.

The Packers won on Sunday, although I was kind of holding my breath throughout a good part of the game. The pack are missing so many key players, that it is really a struggle for them right now.

And how do the boys in blue keep doing it? The Giants just never cease to amaze me! Again they pull out a win that I thought that Dallas clearly had in the bag.

That’s just my opinion, keep it real!