With the holidays quickly approaching, you might be starting to feel the stress that can surround us at this time of the year.

But their is hope as a new study found the most common ways people try to beat stress.  Then they ranked them by how effective they are.  Check out the list and we hope you can find a couple to help you reduce your stress level during the holidays.

1.  Watching TV or movies - 87% of people say it's effective.

2.  Spending time with family and friends, 83%.

3.  Focusing on positive things in life, 81%.

4.  Listening to music, 80%.

5.  Reading, 76%.

6.  Eating, 75%.

7.  Adjusting expectations, 75%.

8.  Exercising or doing something active, 73%.

9.  Consciously avoiding people or situations that cause stress, 66%.

10.  Doing a hobby, 66%.

11.  Shopping, 60%.

12.  Sleeping, 54%.

13.  Going to social networking sites, 50%.

14.  Doing something relaxing, 44%.

15.  Drinking alcohol, 39%.