The Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo is in full swing, so we thought we would take this opportunity to tell you what our 5 favorite things about the fair are. These options were put together by a steady stream of scientists who spent years calculating the fun ratio of each activity...actually, we just went to the fair one night and came up with them. So with that, here is Our Top 5 Best Parts of the CWFR.

#5- The Games

This could be higher if we ever won something that was actually cool. (I'm lookin' at you, way too big Batman). Unfortunately, all we ever won was one of those stupid blow-up guitars that serve no purpose other than showing the world how bad we are at shooting basketball. One time, we tried to win a stuffed Stewie Griffin for our girlfriend. We spent $50 trying to knock those [Expletive-Deleted] bottles down. Then, some guy who looked eerily similar to John Stamos came and did it in one try. Then he took our girlfriend. Life just isn't fair sometimes.

#4- The Rides

Admittedly, we're a bit too old now to  ride most of the rides at the CWFR. This is especially evident when the  little girl next to us on The Power tells us to quit being a little b*tch. Yeah, we were crying but it was scary ok?? No matter. We got her back- by throwing up our chili dog on her. Serves her right. That aside, the rides at the CWFR are super fun. There's something for everyone. Whether it's the Ferris Wheel,with it's breathtaking sight once you hit the top, or the bumper cars where you can practice driving like a woman, you will truly exactly what you're looking for rides-wise, at the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo.

#3- People Watching

Is there anything better than people watching? We don't think so. Is there any better place to people watch than at the fair? Nope. So many different people come to the fair, it's like a real-life comic book. People of all shapes, sizes, colors, and social upbringings come out to get their "fair on" and our favorite part has always been watching everybody. Whether it's the 15-year-olds dressing as 30-year-olds, the 30-year-olds dressing as 15-year-olds, the Carnies, the white guys who act like, well, not white guys (we still don't know the politically correct terms for those of other races), the fights, the (very)public displays of affection, and more- we could spend hours at the fair just scoping out the various types of people that inhabit it.

#2- The Food

This is one of the greatest parts about the fair. All sorts of different vendors come out to share their culinary expertise at the CWFR. Usually, their culinary expertise consists of frying various forms of meat, potatoes, and dough, and then pouring vinegar all over it, but we love it! Whether it's the foot-long corn dog, the funnel cake, the burgers, the fries, the pizza, the bbq (ohhhh the bbq), the Indian Tacos(Native American Tacos?), and more- there is no chance in heckfire that you will leave the fair hungry. The best part? Eating two chili dogs and a pound of fries, going on the Gravitron, throwing it all up on a little girl, and then eating 2 pounds of ribs. We love the fair.

#1- The Memories

This is more the culmination of all of the aforementioned things. The best part about the CWFR, in our opinion, is the memories that you create there. As kids, we always looked forward to the fair with great antici....pation (anyone get the reference?). We would spend the first month of the summer planning everything that we would do come fair-time. The rides, the games, the food, trying to pick up girls, not even coming close to picking up girls, we did it all. And what made it perfect was the people we were with. Our family, our friends- everyone seemed to come together to experience the fair as one. The memories that we created there will stick with us for a lifetime, and we hope the same can be said of you when you come check out the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo.

What's your favorite part of the fair? Was it on this list? Is it something completely different? Let us know!