So… this is creepy. Billy Currington recently found out that one of his neighbors has been stalking him for the past six months. According to Currington’s official Twitter page, the peeping tom has been scoping out the country singer through a pair of binoculars.

As if this wasn’t weird enough, the stalker himself actually told Currington that he has been watching him, and that he would love to go fishing with the singer! Currington tweeted about the incident, writing, “Just found out this guy has been watchin’ me thru a telescope and binoculars from his house for 6 months. So creepy. I know this cause he knocked on my back door and told me this and that he knows when I come and go and says he wants to take me fishin.”

When the neighbor came a knockin’ at Currington’s door, he started to divulge way too much information about the singer’s daily routines. “He says, ‘Hey man you can come to my house anytime you want to,’ and I say, ‘Hey bro wtf?’ He say he got 3 boats and ‘I reallyyy wanna take you fishn,’” Currington wrote. “I say, ‘Hey man you writin a book on me how you know all this stuff bout me?’ He said, ‘I got these great pair of binoculars!’ [At] least he’s honest.”

The way-too-nosy neighbor was quite adamant about the fact that he wants to go fishing with Currington, and even said that he was starstruck while chatting with Currington face to face. Even though Currington was freaking out a bit, he still found the humor in the situation. He tweeted, “I need some good signs for this guy. What should I write when he starts his creepin’? Stairin’ [sic] at me thru his telescope. He said, ‘[You] see that house over there bro?? The one that’s all lit up?? That’s mine man! I see you over here every day!’ Now that I know I am gonna put on one hell of a show!”