The average birthday card usually get tossed out faster than dinner after the 21st shot but not this handy and helpful birthday shot holder.

Backwash and sleeve-napkins are a thing of the past with this handy little origami creation called The Shot Glass by 55 Hi’s. Once read, this seemingly mundane token of jubilation transforms into a 1 ounce hooch holder; simply fold, pour and shoot. Let’s see Hallmark try something like this!

Order a baker’s dozen and keep them in the glove box, so the next time you find yourself pulling into the local Gas & Sip for a thoughtful bottle of Wild Turkey, you’ll have a practical yet festive trinket on hand to adorn your offering.

We aren’t sure why these shot glasses only come in birthday wishes. These cards would work on any occasion because greeting card moments usually cause a person to drink.

“Happy 40th Birthday!” Shot.

“Congrats on your new baby!” Shot.

“Get well soon. Prostates aren’t THAT important.” Shot.

Now if we can only figure out how to fold the rest of the card into a quarter then we’d be in business.