Blake Shelton has power. The singer, who is nominated for five CMA Awards this year and who is also the "winningest" coach in 'The Voice' history, was able to get the reality show's live schedule changed in order to avoid a conflict with the 47th annual CMAs. How did he do it? He exercised the equivalent of feminine wiles. And he begged. And pleaded. And cried.

Both the CMAs and a live episode of 'The Voice' were scheduled to air on Nov. 6 so Shelton flat out asked his bosses at NBC to move the singing show to accommodate him.

"I would like to sit here and tell you it was like John Wayne calling," he said in a sit down with 'Access Hollywood.'

He continued, "You ever see a girl cry to get out of a speeding ticket? It was more like that type of begging and pleading and crying."

Shelton joked that he was very manipulative when he got on the phone with NBC's Bob Greenblatt for a little schedule shuffle discussion, although we think that Shelton fans will call his actions "charming."

"I really got to him and he said, 'Man, I can’t take it. We’ll move the show for you so you can be at your CMA Awards,'" Shelton said. Apparently, whining will get you what you want when you are Blake Shelton.

It was the least they could for the coach with three wins in his back pocket, right?

The CMAs air on Wednesday, Nov. 6 on ABC. No more conflict for Blakey Blake, as the 'Access Hollywood' host referred to him.