I know that moose are capable of amazing things, but this is crazy. A boater shared video recently of what looks like a moose walking on water on a lake.

From what I can tell, this special moose doing the impossible moment happened late last fall. Here's the backstory. The lady who captured the video was out for a fun day out on the lake. She hears something running adjacent to her boat and grabs her phone. This is what she witnessed.

The comments on YouTube have been almost as entertaining as the gravity-defying moose. Here are a few favorites:

Davai Man - Bae:Could you come over?
Me:I can’t I’m a moose
Bae:But my parents aren’t home

A V - This was a glitch in the Matrix.

Jomo - Her: Babe, could you come over?
Moose: I can't, the tide is high.
Her: But it's mating season...

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Several internet "scientists" theorized that the boat was a flat-bottom meaning they can run in very shallow water. That would translate into the moose running on very shallow water also.

One conspiracy theorist claims that the moose disappeared near the end of the video around the :34 second mark. That led to some hoax claims. As for me, I think it's a legit video of a moose running on a very shallow part of the lake. What say you?

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