This year will be the fifth time Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley team up to host the CMA Awards. After so many successful hosting gigs, you can’t help but wonder why Underwood and Paisley don’t try their hands at hosting some… other things. And that idea is exactly what three hilarious new 2012 CMA Awards commercials explore.

One promo shows what it would be like if the two powerhouse country stars worked as hosts at a restaurant. Can you imagine? In the 26-second clip, Paisley sports a gigantic foam cowboy hat and plays a little jingle every time he asks customers how many people are in their party. Underwood wears a short sequined dress and a headset as she welcomes people to ‘Danny’s.’ As awesome as it sounds to have your favorite country stars greet you at a restaurant, this commercial proves that these two particular hitmakers should probably stick to music.

In another 2012 CMA Awards commercial, Underwood and Paisley imagine what it would be like to host a kid’s birthday party. But after Paisley gets kicked in the shin and Underwood gets tied up with streamers, she decides that maybe they should stick to their CMAs gig.

Finally, the two hilarious singers try out a bingo night, but things go awry when Paisley messes up the ball scrambler and falls on the floor. Everyone looks at Underwood with an annoying glare as she calls out the first number, B7.

As funny as these promos are, we’re thankful that Underwood and Paisley will stick to running things at the CMAs instead. To see them in action, tune in to the 2012 CMA Awards on Thursday, November 1 at 8PM ET.

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