Brad Paisley sat down with Sean Hannity of 'Hannity' on Fox News and talked about being one of the funniest men in country music, known for his sense of humor. He also discussed how he has been able to sustain his success over a long period of time. He did so without his trusty cowboy hat, too!

In the interview, Hannity, who is clearly a fan, declared the 'Beat This Summer' singer as the comedian of country,

“I get away with things some people don't," Paisley said about his sense of humor. "I’ve always found some way to sort of make these little snarky comments and then host an award show and goof around up there and roast people. Early on, they’ve sort of let me spread my wings and be that guy and I'm very, very comfortable in that role. I like not taking myself seriously or anything that seriously."

Paisley is clearly a down-to-earth superstar who is more enamored with his guitar than he is with the concept or construct of fame. "I like the idea of the limited amount of fame a person has being able to entertain people…period," he said.

As for sustaining success in the genre? It all comes back to quality music.

"I feel like if you look at the success of somebody from country music that’s been around a while, like a George Strait, then it’s always about songs," Paisley said. "It’s always about basically singing something that people wanna say, 'That’s my story' That’s your job in country music is to sort of be down to earth with them. Judge Hay used to say to the Opry band before they would walk out, 'Keep it close to the ground, boys.' It meant 'Let's be on the same level of the people that are watching us play.' And if you do that, you'll be around for a while in country music."

He also likened the passion of country fans to NASCAR fans, in that it's real and deep.