Ignore that message.

You're OK.

About 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, the City of Casper’s Customer Service Division accidentally sent out an automated message telling thousands of people their account is delinquent and their water services will be shut off if a payment is not made, according to a news release from the city manager's office.

The division uses an automated phone calling service to notify customers who are late with their payments, but the Tuesday morning message isn't true.

If you're current on your bill, you have nothing to worry about.

Assistant Financial Services Director Peter Meyers said the city has received a lot of calls from confused and concerned customers.

"Rest assured if you paid your bill in a timely manner you will not have any disruption of services," Meyers said. "We apologize for the error.”
The City of Casper Customer Service Division has sent a second automated call to all of the affected customers to let them know that the first call was made in error.

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