Bret Michaels is bringing his Hometown Heroes tour to the Casper Events Center on November 6. He visited with us about how his late father inspired his dedication to the military and first responders.

As Billboard reported, Bret’s dad passed away on August 4. He shared about how his dad was a veteran and taught him early to appreciate those who serve.

Bret Michaels - “Absolutely. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve honored our military on stage...our men and women...our first responders...our utility workers, teachers and fans...we bring em all on stage...I do this every night with zero politics. It’s just a big thank you for the freedom they and their families make. I know what we went through with ours.”

I first saw Bret with Poison back in 1987. We asked him how his performances from that era differ from what Bret does on stage now.

Bret Michaels - “You know what. It’s taking it up a whole bunch of’s such a big party vibe. It starts the minute people walk into the arena...Bret Michaels Band...we can’t stop smiling on that’s sincere real energy.”

Bret recently wrote a song with his daughter called “Unbroken”.

Bret also created a foundation called Life Rocks. He explained what inspired him to become a philanthropist.

Bret Michaels - “Very simple. As a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my mom and my dad formed a first diabetic camp...that inspired me from the beginning of my career to right now in every single city we leave a donation behind, we pick our a charity...we’ll do something amazing together.”

You can witness the party that is the Bret Michaels tour in Casper on November 6. Make sure you grab tickets from the Casper Events Center website as this will be a night you won’t want to miss. Bret will be joined by Night Ranger, Firehouse and Joe Nichols.

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