To celebrate his first No. 1 with 'Don't Ya,' Brett Eldredge decided he'd do something a little dangerous and go skydiving. Now that he's racked up his second No. 1, he's planning to swim with sharks. No, really.

“It’s literally getting lined up as we speak right now," he tells Taste of Country's Billy Dukes about celebrating his No. 1 song 'Beat of the Music.' "In the next couple months, I’ll be in a cage with sharks surrounding me.”

Wait ... a cage?!

“At the beginning, I said I’m just going to do it, and then the head of my record label was like, ‘Oh maybe we should have him in a cage just so we can protect him a little bit.’ But I’ve seen sharks get in those cages so we’ll see.”

Dukes had a couple of ideas for the singer for how Eldredge could celebrate a third No. 1. Like, perhaps alligator wrestling?

"Do they have to have teeth?" Eldredge wants to know. Maybe UFC fighting with Dan Henderson? “Does he get to have super padded gloves that feel like pillows?” the singer asks.

What about picking a fight with Miranda Lambert? "No, I would never do that. Never. Never,” Eldredge says adamantly. Bungee jumping, on the other hand, is something the 'Raymond' hitmaker says he can get on board with.

Now that Eldredge has announced his third single, 'Mean to Me,' he's getting ready to shoot the video. Model Katie Luddy was the video girl for 'Beat of the Music,' and he wouldn't complain if she showed up again.

“We could just keep it like the same gal throughout all the videos, that would be fine with me," he says, explaining that they'll be shooting the video in a month or so. The two have been rumored to be a couple, but he insists they're not.

“We’re not dating, but she’s awesome," Eldredge says. "She’s cool.”

The 'Don't Ya' singer is riding a career high right now with all these No. 1s, but it hasn't always been that easy for him. He recalls playing shows to no one in Nashville.

"I used to play like songwriter night’s in Nashville where there’d be one person in the crowd," he dishes. "I remember one time it was me, the guy playing guitar and his dad. The sound guy was out there but he went to the bar or something … so I’ve done all of that but it makes you really appreciate what has came now and on my second No. 1 and everything is taking off."

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