A former part-time office manager is admitting that she took money from a nonprofit sports organization in Casper, but a judge might not go along with the plea deal.

Caitlyn Tolliver has pleaded guilty to one charge of grand larceny.

The case began in April 2014 when Casper Youth Baseball began receiving reports that utility companies were threatening to cut off service if their bills were not immediately paid.

After examining financial records, it was discovered that money was missing and Casper Police was called in to investigate.

Tolliver was working as a part-time bookkeeper and office manager from July 2013 through April 2014, and Police investigators say during that time, she converted more than $65,000 in Casper Youth Baseball funds for her own use.

Police findings showed that CYB's debit card was used and a majority of the signed receipts had Tolliver's name on them.

Investigators were also able to obtain some security camera video at locations were some of the purchases were made, and say the person in the video looked like Tolliver.

The debit charges were reviewed by each CYB board member individually.

All claimed no authorization was granted for the various purchases.

Police attempted to interview Tolliver regarding the case, but she declined.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors will seek a term of probation, and might argue for first time offender status, if restitution is paid in full, before Tolliver is sentenced at a later date.

If that happens, and she completes her term of probation, the guilty conviction will be cleared from her record.

However, Judge Catherine Wilking said in court, that she might consider rejecting the plea deal, based on the amount of money that was involved in this case.

She will rule later on that issue, and if the deal is rejected, Tolliver would be allowed to withdraw her guilty plea and then the case would proceed to trial.

Tolliver is free on $3,000 bond.