What happens when a California guy goes outside to admire a good ole Texas thunderstorm? He learns the hard way what lightning can do to a tree.

First of all, I want to say that I love Justin Howard's attitude. He said that he's "a California kid that loves a good thunderstorm". So, he went out in his garage to admire the exciting weather. What Justin didn't know was how fast lightning can light up your life as the tree he was standing next to gets completely annihilated.

Fortunately, Justin was not injured by the lightning strike although the same can't be said for his big tree. You can see the lightning create what amounted to a fire explosion right in the middle of the trunk.

I don't think Justin is gonna be able to fix his tree although the website Gardening Know How does have some tips if you have a tree hit by lightning on how to bring it back to life. They suggest extra nutrients to help the tree cope with the stress of being hit by lightning. The only way Justin's tree is making a comeback is with several buckets of water and a whole bunch of duct tape.

The cool thing about Justin is it appears based on his Facebook profile that he's a musician. Gonna guess that he'll never hear the song "The Thunder Rolls" the same ever again.

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