When I came across this video from Wyoming YouTubers Jennings Outdoors, I knew that I HAD to watch it.

Wind River Canyon is one of my favorite spots in the entire state of Wyoming.

It's simply gorgeous, with stunning views year-round.

Sometimes, you can even catch a train going through that tunnels, which is a huge deal for my kids.

The crew at Jennings Outdoors gathered up at the end of March and hit the road for some Wyoming Springtime camping.

NOTE: This was recorded before the state closed parks to overnight camping.

They planned to have a few days of fun fishing and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine of Wyoming to escape the stress of the rapidly escalating COVID-19 situation.

Unexpectedly, their weekend of fishing and camping was interrupted by something strange in the night sky.


The Craziest thing happened last night while we were sitting around the campfire...We looked up and we seen a satellite going across the sky. And then we looked behind it and there was another one following it in perfect sync with it...and then we seen another one. And then about 10 minutes go by and 50 of them have gone by. And they are all in a perfect straight line and one after the other, and it was just like they were all synchronized...all four of us saw them.

An added note to the video says that they are pretty sure that they were witnessing satellites from SpaceX Starlink.

Has anyone else recently seen this same thing happening across the Wyoming night sky?

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