It really doesn't take much to entertain me these days.

With that said, I'm intrigued by anything that may be a future idea for my man cave. There are lots of clever people in the world and when they but their powers to good use, it's good for all of humanity.

Scrolling on Instagram, I rolled passed a video of a refrigerator on the @toolsbydesign page, then suddenly felt I needed to stop and watch. You know, kind of like when the MTV show Cribs always showed the famous person's refrigerator. You didn't really care, but you wanted to see what beer or food they had. Well, that's what I was thinking when I saw this particular refrigerator. Then I saw the words,

Y'all ever poop in a fridge before?

That's when I knew I'd made the right decision and stopped to watch.

What I saw was maybe the most intense 2 seconds followed by the most joy filled 5 seconds of my day. Before I go any further, I'll give you that same thrill.

My immediate thought was that is AWESOME, followed by I bet you could build on right next to it that is a gun safe. Then I wanted to check out some other ideas for clever gun concealment cabinet for a man cave or any house.

Even though I don't see anything as clever as refrigerator concealment device, these are pretty cool for your Wyoming man cave.

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