Even though Carrie Underwood gave 12-year-old Chase his first kiss during a concert in Louisville, Ky. recently, fans shouldn’t expect more singer/audience member liplocks at future shows.

Underwood told the Orange County Register that the onstage kiss won’t become “a thing” on her Blown Away Tour. Still, after media got hold of footage from the Louisville show, the requests from fans in subsequent concerts kept coming in — more homemade signs asking for an onstage smooch, as well as plenty of posters requesting that Underwood sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to them, or asking for a chance to perform onstage with the ‘Good Girl’ songstress.

Underwood admits that though she appreciates her fans’ hard work, trying to read the signs can be a bit of a distraction while she’s performing.

“I have a hard time reading and singing at the same time and I cannot do both successfully,” she reveals. “I read one the other night that was something like ‘I missed my homecoming to come here.’ I felt bad. I was like, ‘You shouldn’t have done that!’”

Though the ‘Blown Away’ hitmaker — who married hockey star Mike Fisher in 2010 — will refrain from giving more kisses onstage herself, she had different advice for her opening act, 21-year-old Hunter Hayes. It seems there have been equally as many homemade signs in the audience requesting smooches from the ‘Wanted’ singer.

“He’s young, he should have fun,” Underwood said with a laugh. Hayes’ fans no doubt hope he takes the superstar’s advice seriously.

Still, Underwood mostly wants fans to enjoy the concert the hard work she’s put into it. “I really enjoyed putting all of this together and more than anything I want people to feel like they get their money’s worth, because money is tight and there are not a lot of extra funds lying around,” she explains. “If someone spent that money to come see us play, I just want them to feel like it was so totally worth it.”