The Casper area community has responded to help those who have been affected by the Cole Creek Fire.

Hundreds of people showed up at the East Casper Wal-Mart to donate water, toiletries, pet food and other non-perishable food items.

Sondra Somerville of Casper says she knows of some people that have lost their homes to the blaze, and a few who managed the dodge the situation.

"I know our grandson has two friends who lost their homes as far as they know, and we have a friend who...I was an office manager at Kelly Walsh, one of our retired is still ok. They need things and hopefully, we can help."

Casper City Councilman Shawn Johnson says he doesn't know the full extent of the damage, and wanted to do something.

"Just the devastation. People are obviously going to have unpleasant things to deal with here in the near future, and whatever I could do to help, is why I'm doing this. I know that there's been some houses affected and things like that and so this is a good thing here and so I just wanted to put in my piece of the help."

Items collected will be distributed at the Life Steps Campus (1514 East 12th Street) on Tuesday, October 13th from 10am until 2pm.