Before I even begin, I will tell you that this is not true of us in the Casper area. But, for others several Casper locations were just named among the most underrated places in the state.

The reason this honor isn't true of us is the fact that most in our neck of the woods know how awesome our part of Wyoming is. Only In Your State just declared that the Casper area doesn't get enough love. Well, maybe they didn't say that exactly, but they did list 3 of our relatively local places among the 9 most underrated in Wyoming. Nice.

The most Casper place in their list is the Pony Express National Historic Trail. The obviously means the National Historic Trails Center. We knew that already. Thanks.

They also called out Hoofprints of the Past Museum in good ole Kaycee about an hour to our north. Good call.

The other location in their list that we're claiming is Pathfinder Reservoir. As we've mentioned before, it's a great weekend getaway place for those of us that live here.

The entire Only In Your State list is worth a read. I especially endorse their mention of Crazy Woman Canyon. It's the canyon named after that one crazy woman we all have in our life. OK, maybe not. But, we all know a crazy woman, so there's that.

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