Quarantine life may be the "new normal" but it's safe to say it has been hard on all of us.

From learning to homeschool to the challenges of working from home, not to mention the concerns about contracting CLOVID-19, it hasn't been an easy three weeks.

Experts recommend focusing on the positives and being grateful...and I think that we can all agree that Casper dogs are living their best lives right now.

From extra attention from family members that are home all day, to all the extra walks as we try and get outside and keep busy in a safe way, dogs are loving quarantine life.

Take a look at all these adorable pictures our listeners shared with us of their dogs living their best lives.

Casper Dogs Living Their Best Quarantine Life

Did this make you smile?

The company of a sweet furry friend is definitely a blessing right now.

We also received a few videos of dogs loving quarantine life, you can check them out here.

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