The Casper Horseheads are looking for host families for the upcoming 2021 season.

Our local Casper baseball team relies on dedicated host families in the Casper area to provide players with a home away from home during the season.

If you have a child interested in baseball or softball this is the perfect opportunity for them to have a live-in mentor for the Summer.

The Horsehead players take these opportunities to be role models for young fans seriously and look forward to the time that they aren't on the road or practicing where they can be a part of your family.

What does it mean to be a host family?

A host family needs to:

  • Provide the player with clean, safe home (bedroom, bed, bathroom, laundry access, parking space if needed)
  • Have food available for player
  • Provide the player with clear household rules and expectations
  • Communicate with player and team staff if issues arise

Host family incentives include:

  • Premium season tickets for all family members in the home (family members must
    currently live in the household for more than 6 months out of the year)
  • 25% off discount concessions and team shop (beer is not included in discount and select
    merchandise discounts applied)
  • EXCLUSIVE invites and information on all things Casper Horseheads

Most players will arrive during two-three days before our start date of May 25, 2021 and stay through the conclusion of the season in early August.

Due to school schedules or college team commitments, some players may arrive later in the season or depart earlier.

Follow this link for more information on expectations for being a Casper Horsehead Host Family.


For more information, please call 307-233-4400 and/or email


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