If you're from Casper, Wyoming, competing in some activities is more challenging than others, especially if it's something like Irish Dancing. However, when you're passionate about something, you'll do whatever it takes to succeed.

For the Gorman family, that means spending much time in the car and traveling to competitions nationwide. Competing around the country allows you to make it to the World Championships.

The last year for Casper teen Tom Gorman has been a busy one.  School, dance practice, competitions, learning to drive, being on the road traveling, learning new dances, flying to London, then hopping on a train to Glasgow, Scotland, competing and placing in the Top 20 at the Irish Dance World Championships, and dancing on live TV while in Scotland, and now back home running track and getting ready for Irish Dance Nationals this summer.

Yeah, this kid is busy.

Tom dances with the Wyoming chapter of MPG (Michael Patrick Gallagher) School of Irish Dance, based in Phoenix, Arizona. You can tell by the look in his eye and the excitement in his voice when he's talking about dancing that he loves it. To place in the top 25 against the best Irish Dancers in the world shows that he's pretty darn good at it, too.

For Tom, the top 25 isn't good enough. He's already focused on learning his new routines and competing to return to the world competition next year. If you, your kids, or someone you know would like to try Irish Dancing and maybe compete at the worldwide level, they're giving you chances.

His mom, Megan, was kind enough to share a few pictures of Tom's journey at the World Irish Dancing Championships. Take a look.

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Gallery Credit: Megan Gorman

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