In March, a Casper man pleaded guilty to two counts of sexually abusing a minor.

"Obviously this is something that should not have happened to any child," said the defense before arguing for probation instead of prison time during a sentencing hearing in District Court on Wednesday morning, July 19.

Natrona County District court judge Daniel Forgey did not find probation apropriate in the case of Guy Fahrnow and sentenced him to four and half years – 10 years in prison for both counts to run concurrently.

Court documents state that the crimes go back to 2011 in Natrona County. The victim reported the abuse in 2022. "Literally every night Fahrnow would come into her room late at night..."

There were two victims in this case. One of which gave a tearful statement in court. She said she was also speaking on behalf of her sister, whom was too stressed to appear in court.

The victim stated that over a decade after the sexual abuse began, she still faces consequences from everything that happened to her; she is in weekly therapy and her family has turned against her.

Public Defender Tim Cotton noted the role that alcohol played in the series of abuses by his client.

Court records also document that "Guy was always drunk, he was drunk more often than not."

"Alcohol is a terrible addiction and it changes people's personalities," stated Cotton. The defender presented that Fahrnow has since become sober.

Fahronow turned from the podium in the center of the courtroom to look at the victim. Crying, he said, "I'm so sorry" before being told to turn back to the judge.

Fahrnow was taken into custody by the Natrona County Sheriff's Office immediately after sentencing. He will receive credit for one day served.

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