In a press release, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) announced that they are working on repairing an area of Casper Mountain Road that suffered a rock slide in late July.

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Work should resume on Sept. 28, which has faced some delays in repairing the damage.

Jeff Goetz, senior public relations specialist, said the delay in addressing the rock slide was due to the need to get the right equipment for the job, like having to go up to Gillette for a backhoe.

Goetz said the work may cause delays or closed lanes on the road, but if that happens the area will have flaggers and be well marked.

Wyoming Department of Transportation
Wyoming Department of Transportation

Based on a photo provided by WYDOT, the slide area extends far down the side of the hill and nearly into the Bridle Trail.

Because of the proximity of the work on Casper Mountain Road to the trail, the Natrona County Parks Department has closed Bridle Trail until the work is completed along with Rotary Park.

WYDOT currently hopes to be finished in about a week, however there is no guarantee on when the work will be complete, as it depends on whether there is further erosion or other issues that complicate the work being done.

In the meantime, WYDOT encourages people not to use the trail or be in the area underneath where the work is being done.

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