Boudoir photo shoots are all the rage.

You've likely seen pics all over your social media feed of women feeling their power and showing their body positivity with this unique style of picture.

While there is no rule saying that men can't have this style of photo shoot, it's not something that is often done.

Until now...

Because Casper, Wyoming photographer Jessica Sorensen of J. Sore Photography decided to break all the rules and do a photo shoot with her husband Brian Sorensen.

Brian has been a local football referee for 15 years, so they decided to use this as a theme for this photo shoot...and the results are epic.

Sorensen posted the pictures to her Facebook business page in the hopes that the pictures would bring a smile to people's faces.

Mission accomplished!

And it's not just friends and family that are loving this photo shoot, at the time of this article Jessica has had over ONE MILLION views of her work.

Take a look at a few of our favorite pictures, and let us know which one you like best.

Hilarious "Sexy" Referee Themed Boudoir Photo Shoot

What happens when a Wyoming photographer decides to do a Football Referee-themed boudoir photo shoot with her husband? Amazingly epically hilarious pictures that are sure to make you smile.

Seriously how amazing are these?

The first time I saw these pictures I literally could NOT stop giggling, they are so funny.

And I also imagine that Jessica and Brian were laughing their booties off as they took the pictures.

Based on the comments on Jessica's Facebook page I wasn't the only one that thought these were epic.

Smith NickThis man needs to be the new poster boy of Gatorade, Wilson, and referees around the world.

Janelle Rose: This is seriously the best thing I've seen all week. I'm dying. 

Wes Tbass: I'm with Weston on this, and can we get it as a calendar?? Be a great fundraizer.

You can read all the comments (and see the full photo shoot) here.

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