Many a weekend has found me belting out a tune at Karen and Jim's Movie Star Lounge, but that all ended with the arrival of 2017.

Karen and Jim Kanelos, owners of Karen and Jim's restaurant and adjoining Movie Star Lounge are excited for the arrival of the New Year.  Even as they closed the doors for the final time following their New Years Eve party.  The reason is they are beginning a remodel that will bring a new exciting bar to the same space, but with a different name.  Restaurant and bar patrons received the news via a message on Facebook:

Karen and Jim's Restaurant, Facebook
Karen and Jim's Restaurant, Facebook

After talking with both Karen and Jim, they are super excited about the chance to open up a newly remodeled bar in their convenient location on Collins Street.  And yes, I was told that there will still be karaoke available for those worried about places to sing in Casper.  Stay Tuned!

Along with a remodel, the new bar will also have a new name associated with it when it opens back up with a Grand Opening party sometime around the beginning of April.

Good Luck on the remodel Karen and Jim - I for one, can't wait!!!

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