It's commonly said that dog owners resemble their pets.

It turns out that it's all in the eyes...and that dog owners unconsciously tend to pick dogs that look like them around the eye area.

I'm totally fine with that.

My dog Sammi is a German Shephard and I think she's gorgeous, it's 100% a compliment when people say we look alike.

And now, thanks to H&M you can take looking like your dog one step further.

A recent collaboration between the well-known fashion brand and Pringles of Scotland (a luxury knitwear brand) has resulted in matching sweaters for humans and their dogs.

At this moment in time, there are only two choices that allow you to exactly match your dog, but I'm willing to guess that if this is a success more will be coming.

Because it's H&M you won't break the bank buying these outfits. All of the clothing from this collaboration costs less than $50.

So, get out your credit cards and get those sweaters so you can twin with your doggie best friend.

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