Edness K. Wilkins State Park is a large state park is located about 6 miles out of Casper. It has a great running/walking path as well as a swimming pond and horseback riding trails.

It's also a popular drop-off area for locals that like to float the river.

Bird enthusiasts and Audobon Society members know that Edness is a popular place for bird spotting and banding programs.

My kids have had the opportunity several times to watch Audobon Society members band birds. Not only do they love having access to bird experts that can answer all their questions, but they also have had the thrill of helping release the birds back to the wild.

Edness is a prime spot for educating our community about nature, and they're now offering a Summer series of classes at no cost to the public (other than the fee to get into the park).

If you'd like to participate in the classes, just show up. No sign up is needed.

7/20 9:00 am

  • Pollinator Series #2: Pollinators and Native Species Need Each Other – PLATTE RIVER SHELTER. For the second day in our pollinator series, we will be discussing how pollinators interact with plants and what pollination actually means and looks like.

7/24 10:00 am

  • Build a Birdfeeder – MOUNTAIN VIEW SHELTER.  Join us for a morning of learning about birds’ foraging habits, and then build a pinecone birdfeeder that you can take home!

7/27 9:00 am

  • Pollinator Series #3: Pollinator Scavenger Hunt – Join us for a scavenger hunt on the park to find and identify park plants and wildlife. All participants will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize at the end of the summer!

8/10 and 8/17 and 8/24 at 10:00 am

  • Paddle in the Park: MOUNTAIN VIEW.  Join us for a morning of canoeing and paddle boarding on the swimming pond. If you want to learn how to canoe, or just spend some time out on the water, we will have eight canoes and four paddleboards available for the public to borrow from 10AM to 12PM. Life jackets will be provided and required.

8/20 8:00 pm

  • Night Hike: PLATTE RIVER SHELTER. Have you ever wondered what animals come out at night at Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park? Now you can find out! Join our park staff for an evening hike where we’ll learn about nocturnal wildlife, go on an evening walk, and share some stories

Carlo Migliaccio, the Park superintendent, can be reached at (307) 577-5150 or through email with any questions or concerns.

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