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Halloween is harmful to civil society because it encourages “diabolical” behavior, according to a group of Catholic bishops in Poland. Millions of kids who are once again flush with chocolate as of last night strongly disagree, we suspect.

In a recent open letter to parishioners, Archbishop Andrzej Dziega professed his lack of approval for the observance of Halloween because the so-called “tricks” associated with the holiday passively mask the “diabolical attitudes” surrounding it—attitudes that only serve to hurt our fellow man and destroy spiritual life.

Other Catholic figures like Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz released online statements that suggested any association with Halloween promotes “occult and magic” and is a blatant resistance to the teachings of the Church.

Halloween was introduced to Poland sometime after their 1989 transformation to democracy, and it comes as no surprise that ever since then the holiday has grown extremely popular with the country’s youth. Still, Catholic Poland fears the pagan overtones of Halloween overshadow what they believe to be a more important national holiday, All Saints Day, which falls the day after Halloween.

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