There are a lot of things that we miss as we are living this CLOVID-19 induced quarantine life...

Those of us that are Country Music fans can't help but sigh as more and more of our beloved concerts are canceled and postponed.

If you follow any Country Music artists on social media, you know they are just as sad as the rest of us.

They're sitting at home, unable to do what they love, and missing their connection with their fans.

Thankfully, there are people a lot smarter than us that are thinking of unique ways to keep us all connected.

The "Couch Concert Series" allows fans to get a front-row seat to a concert with their favorite artists AND offers us a chance to give back.

All you need to do is head to Instagram to @romeoentgroup to watch these daily concerts, and then follow this link to donate to the Music Cares CLOVID-19 Relief Fund.

Just when you think it can't get any better (because what's better than being able to rock out to your favorite artist while in the comfort of your own home) we're here to tell you that one of our favorite Wyoming artists is taking part in this series.

Yup, our very own Chancey Willimas will be giving a "Country Couch Concert" on April 16th at 3 pm CST (so 2 pm our time).

You better believe his upbeat western music is exactly what we need to keep us moving along through this difficult time.

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