Doc and I began discussing if the horses "fit" their names and then I started to talk about how Mr. Prairie Wife and I disagree on how to name our horses.

He simply calls them by their color "The Gray Gelding" while I use their actual names.

I claim that his way is "boring" while he thinks it's just silly to spend so much time coming up with just the right name for an animal.

We reached out to you to ask how YOU name your horses and also requested pictures of your horses.

Take a look at this awesome gallery of Wyoming horses, and learn their names and the fun stories behind them.

Wyoming Horses

It seems like almost every single one of you agrees with me that horses NEED a real name.

Some of you stick with the name given by a previous owner, and others like to give a new one based on personality.

And while I know it's not fair to play favorites I am totally partial to the name "Dolly" given to the sweet little blond foal with the big personality.

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