There is nothing quite as majestic as seeing the beautiful wildlife here in the Cowboy State. A woman by the name of Savannah Rose shared an awesome slow motion video of bald eagle being released back into the wild.

Rose shared the video to the her personal Facebook page as well as the photo and video sharing group page, Wyoming through The Lens. The video highlights the release of our country's national bird in all it's glory. Savannah captioned the video with a message that read:

Bald eagle returning to her home in Daniel WY.

The video has already been shared almost 800 times in not much more than 24 hours. Someone in the comments section asked what type of equipment Savannah used to capture the footage. A lot of folks used the "wow" reaction when she answered that she used her iPhone.

After doing some additional research, I learned that the female bald eagles are about 25% larger than the males. I did remember from my school days that the bald eagle was on the endangered species list, but I was overjoyed to discover that the population has since recovered and removed from that list in 1995.

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