In my opinion, this is math done by someone with maybe a little too much time on their hands. A new study claims that Wyoming has a higher percentage of bars than grocery stores.

Full disclosure: this is not exactly a brand new study, but I'm seeing it shared again pretending that it is. I've traced it to two sources. The first is Flowing Data. Their article entitled "Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores" is connected to a map created by Floating Sheep (great website name, btw).

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Their map shows places with more grocery stores as orange and more bars as red. You'll notice that our part of Wyoming looks like it has chicken pox.

Floating Sheep
Floating Sheep

They rank Wyoming at #7 in the country when it comes to number of bars compared to the population. However, it's not really that simple. When you read the fine print on the map shared by Floating Sheep (just can't say that name enough), there's something that needs to be pointed out. I'm gonna put it in bold by itself because it shows this isn't really science talking.

The map was created based on Google Maps search terms at a particular location. That translates into people searching for bars in Wyoming at that location and NOT the actual number of bars.

It sure sounds different when you mention that the map shows search terms and not real bars. This is another example of why you have to look at what internet claims like this are based on and don't just take someone's word for it.

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