With Russia continuing its invasion of Ukraine, legislators in the U.S. have continued to comment on further actions that can be taken, with Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney speaking on CBS "Face the Nation" on what more can be done.

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Cheney said, in response to a question about if there's more the U.S. and EU can do to punish Russia, that there are additional steps that can and should be taken.

"I think that we have seen impressive progress. I think the fact that we've had European countries and NATO united with the United States as we go forward is a very positive thing," Cheney said. "I do think we need to do more. I would like to see us move, with respect to the Russian Central Bank completely. I’d like to see SWIFT sanctions that don't leave any carve-outs. I’d like to see the oil industry affected...We ought to be sanctioning not just Putin, not just Lavrov, not just the oligarchs, but all of their families. This behavior, this aggression against Ukraine is something the world simply cannot tolerate. So, the sanctions ought to go further. As I said, we've made good progress so far."

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the U.S., the European Union, and other countries have imposed a variety of sanctions, such as Russian banks being cut off from SWIFT messaging or the EU freezing the assets of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.

Cheney said, in response to a question about the various stances of other Republicans who are against any U.S. action in favor of Ukraine, that isolationism isn't the answer to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

"We've seen isolationism in both parties and it’s always been wrong and it’s always been dangerous," Cheney said. "America cannot defend and maintain our own freedom and security if we think that we’re simply going to withdraw from the world and not lead. You know, we are watching today the brutality of Vladimir Putin as he attempts to invade a democratic, sovereign nation. And anyone who thinks that U.S. freedom and security is going to be maintained if we take a step back and don't lead, you simply need to look at what’s happening in Ukraine to recognize that those who fill the void when the U.S. steps away are people like the Russians, like the Chinese, like the Iranians. And so, the idea that the world will be safe and that America will be able to be safe and free with an isolationist approach is wrong. It’s also wrong morally. You know, America stands for freedom."

Cheney said, when asked about her vote against impeaching former President Donald Trump during his first impeachment trial for withholding aid to Ukraine, that she

"I don't regret my vote. I think any impeachment vote has got to be one that is based very clearly on the evidence...I think, though, it’s very clear, if you look at some of the challenges that we're dealing with now, President Trump spent a large part of his presidency, for example, attacking NATO, saying that NATO was obsolete. Attacking our allies. And we are certainly seeing today how crucially important NATO is, how crucially important our allies are. I was very pleased to see that Germany has announced that they will be raising their defense spending to two percent. One thing that President Trump got right was increased spending for the military. And it is very important for us, especially as we look at the challenges now, as we look at Putin’s nuclear threat, we cannot adopt policies like a no-first-use nuclear policy."

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