For those who are not football fans and were looking for some sort of entertainment from the NFC and AFC playoff games yesterday, they were subject to two interesting performances. Steven Tyler, front man for rock band Aerosmith and judge for American Idol, performed his version of the star spangled banner at the beginning of the match-up between New England and Baltimore. Critics have lauded the performance as not worthy for a trip to Las Vegas, alluding to the American Idol whittling down process of only taking the most talented to the next level of competition. See for yourself here.

Steven Tyler

In watching Kristen Chenoweth's performance before the San Francisco, New York duel, i was surprised at the boos that were coming from the crowd as i thought she was performing very well. It was only after that i found out that Kristen is a New York Giants fan and the San Francisco crowd was voicing their displeasure of having a Giants fan singing on their turf. See Kristen's performance here.

Kristin Chenoweth

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