A tornado that hit near Cheyenne last year has gone viral again. It's the intense twister that is reported to have lifted cows off the ground.

This video was originally shared by famed storm chaser, Reed Timmer. He described his chase like this on YouTube:

Large, strong tornado touches down as I hook-slice through baseball hail and then retrogrades west toward my position! Rental Chevy equinox I was in had a flat tire and I had to drive on the rim for 15 miles to get to this position, then escape north in 90 mph inflow with horizontal baseball hail coming in from the left. Tornado was about 20 miles northwest of Cheyenne, WY on Sunday, May 27, 2018.

Couple things about this video. First, there is a debate among the comments on YouTube about whether the video shows cows or roofing. Last time I checked, you can't get milk from roofing. Second, this tornado happened in May of last year, so no clue why it's a thing again.

I was shocked to see this ranked #1 among Wyoming videos on LiveLeak. Go figure. If I had to guess, I'd say someone came across it and didn't look at the date and thought it just happened.

Thank you, internet, for being you.

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