Cheyenne resident and runner Jennifer Hanrahan had to overcome an ankle injury and surgery to get to this years Boston Marathon and nothing was going to stop her.

After Jennifer's first Boston Marathon in 2011, she knew that she was going to go back. This last fall she qualified and signed up for this years Boston Marathon only to injure her ankle. The injury required surgery and held the possibility of dashing her hopes of a second Boston Marathon. As Jennifer described

that i could come back and have the chance to run it again was a celebration of what runners can get through

For Jennifer it was a celebration, a great run and finish. Then the first explosion happened, followed closely by a second and the confusion that followed,

and then instantly there were rescue workers and ambulances and fire trucks everything converging on the site.

Jennifer went on to describe the generosity of the Boston community and it's residents in the aftermath,

and they were going through the same shock as we were, but thought of me first.

Jennifer and her husband John will travel back to the Cowboy State today with no hesitation of participating again, in this race or any other,

if anything it makes me want to come back even more.

Hear the entire interview with Jennifer.


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