Chris Young may be a hit among female country fans, but he insists that he has a seriously nerdy hobby. Still, we don't think it'll negatively impact his stock with the ladies or his general fanbase.

The 'Aw Naw' singer loves comic books!

"Me and my stage manager are actually big, like Batman, Superman [fans]," Young said. He is such a comic book geek –proudly so—that he has an app on his phone which he uses to download issues of his favorite comics. That way, they are always close at hand.

That's dedication and nerdom to the nth degree, and we love Young for it.

He also grabs issues for when he travels, since there is plenty of time to kill while flying the friendly skies due to the lack of Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity.

"Sometimes if I’m going on a plane, I’ll buy a couple comics and read ‘em on a plane," the singer admitted. "That’s pretty nerdy. Probably not something a grown man should be doing. I don’t know."

Hey, you never know! Comic book movies are off the chain, in terms of box office receipts. Ladies and gents of all ages and with all sorts of interests and hobbies go to see superhero films, so it's not like Young is really as nerdy as he thinks he is. Plus, comic books (or graphic novels) tend to increase in value, so if he is taking care of the ones he buys, he might find himself sitting on a goldmine somewhere down the road.

And there's nothing nerdy about that.