The holidays can be hard on us all, between picking the perfect presents to having to spend all that time with with relatives. On the bright side, you weren't this buck.

A lot of folks in Colorado wait until the National Western Stock Show concludes to take down their holiday decorations. It would seem that this buck in Jefferson County would have preferred sooner than that.

Deer and Lights
Twitter/CPW NE Region
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Colorado Department of Wildlife Northeast Division (CPW NE) was able to help out this guy on January 5, 2022. The buck got himself into a pretty big mess of Christmas lights. Maybe, the lights were on and he got curious; next thing he knows, he's being tranquilized to alleviate the situation.

Sounds like a couple of Christmas parties I've been to.

If only Christmas didn't happen until after March, because CPW NE reminded folks that deer shed their antlers from mid-January to March.

It's fun to see the joy on the Wildlife Officer's face after freeing the buck from the string of lights. You have to wonder how many times they come upon situations that are no where near as 'pleasant,' out in the wild; so to help out this buck, really looks like it made his day.

Rescued Deer
Twitter/CPW NE Region

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