If you have children or even a pet, like a dog, you know that guarding your food must become a way of life. I have friends, and if I'm being 100% honest, I've done this as well, but I've actually hidden in my car before to finish a sandwich or ice cream, just so I wouldn't have it to share it with my kids. Sue me... children are human garbage disposals.

A new video has recently gone viral of a Boulder, Colorado feline eating his owner's burrito, whilst the man still had it in his hands.

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The video was posted by the viral video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, on August 3rd, 2021. In addition to the hilarious footage, they also shared the caption from the cat's owner which read:

A multi-nationally popular video of my cat stealing a bite of my burrito while I was chowing down. This video has sparked numerous emotions in people and groups of people. Some think it’s adorable, and some find it grotesque.

If I'm being totally transparent, I am definitely one of the people that thinks it's grotesque. I have owned several dogs throughout my 44 years of life on this planet, so I've had numerous hotdogs, burger and steaks stolen, but once it's been in the animals mouth, I let them have it. There is no way I'd be munching on something at the same time as my animal. Forget COVID-19, I'd be more worried about what germs are in the mouth of that cat. After all, I've seen the types of other things that lick and eat.

So what are your thoughts: is sharing the burrito with this cat cute or nasty?

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