In a time when we can all use good news, the story of Colorado's COVID Bandit is a reminder that there truly ARE kind people out there in the world.

This week's random act of kindness is actually the second time the COVID Bandit has dropped a massive tip to restaurant staff.

The first time was in Estes Park back in January.

In his Facebook post, Troy Guard (the owner of Guard and Grace) thanked the anonymous "COVID Bandit" for their generosity.

Thank you so much for your act of kindness and your sincere genuine caring thoughtfulness you just bestowed on our Guard and Grace staff ...

You gave out $6800 DOLLARS in total ... you gave $200 to each employee... some were crying - some are jumping up and down - some are dancing !

I'm sure you are VERY aware of how hard restaurants and their staff have been hit by the negative economic effects caused by the pandemic.

Receiving an extra $200 in one evening was surely a blessing to them all.

And, money aside, I'm sure it was wonderful to know that someone sees their struggles, and has compassion for them.

While I know most of us can't offer this kind of tip to the waitstaff at local establishments, I hope that this inspires you to do what you can.

After all, every random act of kindness no matter how small is worth the effort.

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