It costs nothing to be kind. Or maybe just the price of a cup of coffee. It's Random Acts of Kindness Week across Wyoming, and organizers are working to get schools, cities, community groups, businesses and Wyoming citizens on board with the effort.

Random Acts of Kindness Week is recognized around the world and this effort was first inspired last year as a result of Leadership Wyoming, said Chris Murray, President of Kindness Wyoming. He says it's meant to inspire a culture of kindness.

"For the most part, people have a basic instinct to be kind, and it doesn't have to be an extravagant act. It could be simply writing a note," said Murray. "Kindness is contagious. There's a lot of science behind those three words but in a nutshell the recipient, the doer and any witnesses, it inspires them to do better."

The organizers say scientific studies show that being kind can have tangible health effects, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping with better sleep.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, Casper Mayor Ray Pacheco, and other officials have signed proclamations, and School Superintendent Jillian Balow is encouraging schools to find a way to integrate kindness curriculum and efforts into schools across the state.

So whether it's a smile for your neighbor, shoveling a walk, or paying off that coffee for the people behind you, Kindness Wyoming is encouraging folks to share and document the random acts either by going to their website or their Kindness Wyoming Facebook page and posting your favorites with the hashtag #kindnesswyoming.

"We rightfully pride ourselves in being warm people in Wyoming. Random Acts of Kindness will make us all better as individuals, our communities better, and our state better." -Wyoming Governor Matt Mead


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