It started innocently enough. It was the weekend. I was bored. I was left alone with the TV remote. On a whim, I decided to watch a new show. Now, I'm am hopelessly addicted to The Floor is Lava on Netflix.

I'm not alone in my misery. The Floor is Lava is the #1 trending show according to a story on Forbes. The premise is simple. Teams must traverse different rooms with obstacles. Oh, and the floor is lava.

The show has become something of a ritual in my home. After dinner, my wife and I yell "the floor is lava!" and my kids immediately run to the couch and we watch (at least) two episodes. Here's the sad part: there are only 10 episodes on Netflix so far.

What is so addicting about this show? First of all, Rutledge Wood is a scream. His play-by-play of the teams is sometimes laugh-out-loud hilarious. At its most fundamental level, it's the childhood game perfectly realized.

When a team member fails trying to make a jump and falls into the lava (sometimes making a truly awkward landing on a prop), you're shown the replay over and over and over. The fact that I laugh so hard at this must mean I'm a bad person.

I have fallen so far into obsession, we had a big family discussion about what the floor really is made of on the show. According to NBC News, it's just bubbling water with dye in it. The fact that my family spent a good hour researching this will give you an idea how far we have fallen.

You can check out the official website...if you dare. Just be prepared to have the remote glued to your hand as you helplessly go from episode to episode like we did. The show has become a family event and it just might suck you in also.

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