Cowboy boot sandals are a thing now. Someone has finally answered the question, "could we"? But has anyone asked the question, "should we"?

For ages, cowboy boot wearers have struggled with hot boots that make their feet sweat. Having to switch from cowboy boots to sandals can be laborious and time consuming. There has got to be a better way! But wait, now there is!  Enter the Redneck Boot Sandal.

The folks at Redneck Boot Sandals have combined the cowboy boot and the sandal into one handy fashion item that is sure to turn heads. Owner and CEO, Scotty Franklin, saw an opportunity in an unrealized market and pounced on it.

How did these come about you ask? According to the brand's website:

One sunny afternoon Scotty Franklin was lounging on white sand beaches of Gulf Shores Alabama and saw a guy walking down the beach in cowboy boots. Scotty thought the poor fellow shouldn't have to sacrifice cowboy fashion in order to stay cool on this hot day and looked down at his own feet and saw his flip flops and wondered if he could cut out his boots and make them into flip flops for the ultimate combination.

There must be a demand for these, otherwise they would not exist, right? Franklin told the Kansas City Star "We have orders pouring in and a lot of inquires. ... We've been slammed with people sending orders in, and getting messages from people throughout the U.S."

Personally, I think these are silly. If the goal is to make people smile, mission accomplished (kinda). If the goal is to be the new fashion trend, well.... we'll see. I am not holding my breath though.

If Redneck Boot Sandals are your thing, you can get your very own pair starting at $150 on the their website. Or you could just make your own.

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