President Biden is currently delivering his State of the Union address and is tackling a number of points that his advocates and opponents have brought to him.

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Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis is watching the address, and is offering live updates on social media with her thoughts.

In his speech, Biden reiterated something that he's been tweeting about quite frequently.

Some disagree, however. And that includes Senator Lummis.

"It's bold to take credit for the jobs that are simply a post COVID bounce back," Senator Lummis wrote on her Facebook page. "Millions of jobs are still open and small business owners and families across Wyoming are still struggling."

She continued, urging the president to end his ban on oil leasing.

Senator Lummis wasn't the only Wyoming Senator to make their thoughts known on President Biden's SOTU.

Senator Barrasso also offered his opinion on Biden's speech and his plans.

"Families all across Wyoming have had enough of President Biden's blame game," Senator Barrasso stated in a video posted to his social media. "Tonight we heard this president brag and boast about a record that is failing the hard working men and women of our state. This president is causing crisis after crisis. Yet, President Biden didn't talk about these crises tonight; he ignored the pain and suffering of families across the nation. President Biden wants Americans to forget that his out of touch policies pushed prices to a 40 year high, crushed Wyoming energy production, and caused the worst border crisis in our nation's history. Instead, he read empty words off of a teleprompter when struggling families need real solutions."

Then, Senator Barrasso promised that he and his fellow Republicans would do all they could to help Wyoming families.

"Unlike President Biden and the Democrats, Senate Republicans are focused on fighting for Wyoming families and for every American," Barrasso said. "We're working to stop his reckless spending, make life more affordable, unleash Wyoming energy, and secure the border. It's time for Joe Biden to work with us to help Americans to recover from the nightmare that he has caused."

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