Darius Rucker is a man of many talents and one of them apparently is gift-giving. The singer sent Eisele, the new baby of Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and husband Chris Tyrrell, the sweetest baby gift. It was literally rockin'.

Since Lady A is such a popular trio, the band's first baby has received lots of gifts. Fans sent her presents even before she was born, and Ellen DeGeneres threw an impromptu baby shower complete with a miniature pink drum set. Yet the best gift of all may have come from Rucker.

Scott spilled the details to The New 1037, saying, ”[She] has been showered with gifts...it’s been so amazing to see just how many people love her." She delves into the 'Wagon Wheel' singer's gift, saying, "Darius [Rucker] and his wife Beth sent us a rocking chair that has wagon wheels as the arms and has a pillow that says ‘Rock Me Momma Like A Wagon Wheel,'” she explained excitedly.

That may be the gift of all gifts. It combines country music, a classic song, and practicality...all in one adorable present. Props to Rucker and his wife for the memorable gift; it will certainly be a keepsake over the years.