To whom it may concern,

The eastbound right lane at the intersection of Wyoming BLVD and Casper Mountain Road/College Drive is not a racing lane. Yes, I understand the the lanes merge shortly up ahead, but my being in the left lane is not an invitation for you to race me to the merge point. Don't assume I am going to go 40 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. I am going to drive 60, I promise. Yes that does happen and it sucks. But it is no reason to turn the intersection into a crappy version of the 'Fast & the Furious.

I get it. You are in a hurry and your time is way more important than mine. Oh, and I did notice how nice your truck is and how much diesel smoke you can blow out of your tailpipe. If you would slow down for a second I would give you a high five for being so awesome. I digress...

To get to the point, don't be THAT guy. By THAT guy, I mean the one who absolutely has to be at the front of the pack - even if it is only one or two cars. The guy who always has to make this intersection a competition. You shouldn't be first in line if you're the last to show up.  I often see this 'person' completely disregarding the traffic turning right from Casper Mountain Rd, and almost causing accidents. Stop it. Your time is NOT more valuable than other's on the road. Your destination will still be there, even if you arrive 20 seconds behind your 'schedule'. Don't be a jerk.

I will, however, make one exception. If you happen to catch the light at the right time at your current speed and you don't have to race to get there, good for you. In this instance, you are not being a jerk. You just happened to catch it at the right time and I will not fault you for that.

For the record, I am not trying to be 'holier than thou', I am simply pointing out the obvious. I know I have been guilty of bad driving just like everyone else.  If the above seems like you, then I am sure I will not change your mind about your driving methods. Just know, us 'left laners' don't view your velocity as 'badass'. It just obnoxious.


Slightly Annoyed In The Left Lane



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