Every time this list gets updated I have the subconscious need to itch. There's a new list of cities with bed bug issues and Denver is again near the top.

This bed bug ranking comes courtesy of Orkin. You would think they'd know a thing or two about where the problem areas are since they can base lists like this on the locations they've been asked to treat.

If you look at their list, you'll notice that Denver comes in at #27. The bed bug problem in Denver is worse than even Las Vegas. Yikes.

What can you do to avoid staying at a place with bed bugs? Orkin gives some very helpful tips. They advise to first put your luggage in the bathtub and then go check the beds in the room. If you don't find a problem, then you can put your luggage on the floor. Would have never thought of that.

As far as what to look for on the bed, they say you need to look for tiny, ink-colored stains on mattress seams. They say to do this even after you wake up to make sure you haven't inherited a miserable problem.

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