If you believe the conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport, you have to see this. The airport now has a talking gargoyle spewing conspiracies to passengers that walk by it.

In case you're new to this, there are a number of wild theories about the Denver International Airport. Many believe the airport was built by the Illuminati with an underground bunker for the rich and famous to hide in when a war or catastrophe happens. Some are convinced there's an underground railroad connecting different parts of the country with the airport so world leaders can get there in secret. The Wikipedia page for this is a must read.

This gargoyle is a response from the Denver International Airport to these theories. If you walk by it, you'll hear something like this:

"Welcome to Illuminati Headquarters...uh, I mean Denver International Airport"

It will even personalize it's comments based on who's standing in front of it. In the video above, you'll notice a cowboy walk by which inspired the gargoyle to ask him if he had to buy an extra ticket for his big hat. Awesome.

Whoever is in charge of marketing for Denver International Airport deserves a raise for coming up with this. Even if some or all of the theories are true, this is classic.

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